added work, deleted spam comments

nuff said right, well the never never land series was added.  Also since i’ve been actively showing lately I put up my contact info.  Just hopping i dont get too much spam comming through the email. i justed deleted 320 spam comments. most of them were spam. this isn’t really a site to comment on. though that will be changing when i settle on what comic idea ill put up. I’ve been on and off in the works of a new we comic. deciding to continue the old story line where i left off. or work on something new.  the later is winning out over the former.

also if you want original prints of the work you see let me know. most of them ill print metallic since it looks so nice on most of my work.

site up:mostly

Well almost everything is up now, I will be working on expanding out the images section soon. as well as the videos. I’m going to make this more of a content site than a blog though, so don’t expect to hear the woes of my life.

Well… One woe, I’m still having issues with my mono, so I’ve been laid up sleeping for about 18 hours a day. The only energy i have has been enough to let me read at least. finished 9 books in 2 weeks!

My old video work will be up probably before my crit. and my new video of kurt having fun with one of my old beebee guns in the woods may be up soon too.

-Dick in a box

New site

new site, yes its not done yet

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